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Welcome to Potrero School, Home of Mighty Lion Leaders!
Our school has a rich tradition of welcoming families in a supportive environment; our staff goes "all out" to welcome our students and families, and we continue our open door policy - no matter the student and / or family need.  We take time to celebrate personal and public successes, especially our students' academic achievement and growth. 
We are truly a neighborhood school with a rich tradition of generations of families who share a successful learning experience at our school.  Potrero has a complete program, starting with HeadStart and culminating with eighth grade.  Our HeadStart program is supported by our District HeadStart Staff and information can be found on  our District resource page.  Our K-6 program offers three classes at each grade level, except for our Kinder which has two classes.   Each grade level has a group of talented, caring teachers, who plan together to support all our learners.  Our seventh and eighth grade program consists of fourteen exceptional staff members, who have areas of expertise that all contribute to your middle school learners' successful education.  Starting with our Kinder program, we prepare all of our students for their transition to high school and we lay the educational foundation for their entry into a college and / or career of their choosing.  
Visual and Performing Arts: 
Starting in 2018 and continuing, (as health and safety guidelines permit), Potrero continues our Mariachi Music Academy. As part of the program, fourth -fifth-, sixth-, seventh-, and eighth-grade students carry on the vibrant mariachi tradition while gaining confidence as musicians and performers. After school classes—complete with  musical instruments—are offered three times each week.  In addition, our 7th and 8th graders can choose classes in general music, choir, strings and / or band.   Our K-6 students also enjoy general music classes, where they learn about rhythm, how to read music, and enjoy singing, as part of their education.
Extended Learning to Explore:
Our 7th / 8th students may select an exploratory in the area of art, journalism, STEM, yearbook production or peer tutoring, to extend their learning and explore new avenues of interest to them.  Our K-6 students all enjoy directed art instruction, using various mediums, such as paint, pastel, clay and other media.  
Instruction at Potrero is enriched by leading-edge technology. In addition to two fully equipped classroom computer labs, we are a one to one school - each student is provided with a chromebook, as a tool to support learning and 
provide access to up-to-date online resources.  Our Kinder students also have access to IPADs as an additional learning tool, to support their unique needs as new learners.  We also have a designated STEAM classroom, fully equipped with new IPADS, LEGO engineering kits, along with a fully array of art supplies and resources that allow our teachers to engage all our students in the exploration of technology, math, art and engineering.  We have a technology resource staff member who provides hardware support for our staff and students, so that our students engage in real life learning and can discover  how technology supports solutions to real world challenges, as well as exercise their imaginations in creating models.
Our 7 Habits of Effective Students philosophy—woven into all aspects of the campus experience—promotes motivation, involvement, communication, perseverance, and other behaviors that empower students to take a leading role in their own achievement. We believe that our students have voice and choice with respect to their learning environment and their daily instruction.  Students interested in deepening their leadership skills can join our student Lighthouse Team where they have the opportunity to plan and execute school activities as peer role models and decision-makers.  We have a 3rd-6th student lighthouse team and a 7th/8th student lighthouse team.
Fostering a love of reading is a top priority across the Potrero campus. We encourage students to visit our school library, which is open daily, with a full time librarian,  and we take pride in ensuring that our collection reflects the best in high-quality children’s literature. For kindergarten families, meanwhile, we are also pleased to offer Raising a Reader. Each week, as part of this evidence-based program, kindergartners take home a bright red bag full of beautiful and engaging children’s books to share at home with a parent or guardian (as safety and health guidelines allow). It is a joy to see their excitement and enthusiasm build with each new batch of books.
Family Engagement and Support:
Parents are respected and valued partners in a child’s education. We welcome and encourage Potrero parents to contribute their time and ideas to the school community. Gatherings, such as the monthly “Coffee with the Principal,” provide an opportunity for me to get to know parents and to hear their questions, concerns, and suggestions in a relaxed and friendly setting. More formal opportunities to contribute are available through committees, such as the English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC) or School Site Council (SSC). Through these groups, parents actively participate in school governance, building and revising school plans and making recommendations as we strive for continuous improvement.  We also have many opportunities for parents to volunteer (as health and safety guidelines allow).  Our community liaison, Ms. Rosa Gutierrez, has information about volunteering.
I couldn’t be prouder to work alongside the teachers, staff, students and families of Potrero School. Together, we are preparing students to reach their fullest potential as bright and civic-minded individuals, committed to their own success, and to the success of their community.
Lorraine Torres
Principal, Potrero School


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